VOTD: World's most dangerous hiking trail

worlds-most-dangerous-hiking-trailI’m sure you’ve already seen still images like this one of the world’s most dangerous hiking trail. While many have often wondered if they’re real or not.

One man, by the name of Robin took up the challenge of not only finding out whether it was real or not but hicked up as well with his video cmera in hand and has some breathtaking shots. Check out the video for yourself. It must have been ruly amazing to be up there. [via DCP]

VOTD: Music track made using only Windows XP/98 sounds

You know the sounds your computer makes when a dialog pops up, or something goes wrong, or you’re notified about something. The default dings and tadas used in Windows XP and Windows 98 were used to make a musical track. Watch (or rather listen) to the video below. [via ChrisM]

VOTD: Stop motion animation

Really cool stop-motion video called Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie. I can just imagine the time it took not only to film but to choreograph. [via Ze Frank]