Video Parody: Saturday kicks Friday’s ass

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock or completely disconnected from the internet and not spoken to anyone in the last couple of weeks – you’ve probably heard of Rebecca Black and her debut music video called Friday.

Her video has amassed over 25 million views – no, it’s not because it’s that good – on the contrary, it’s because it’s *that* bad. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look below – if you have, I beg of you, save yourself and don’t click play but read further. Her auto-tuned voice sounds so bad, I can just imagine what her voice sounds like unaltered.

So Brian Haner (if you don’t know is a stand-up and legendary guitarist who also joins Jeff Dunham on his shows as Guitar Guy) put together a parody video (taking a stab at Charlie Sheen by the sounds of it too). His is much better, and funnier, for all the good reasons.

Kent Jenkins aka Snubby J – PVC Instrument player

Catching up on some reading and spotted this post on the Lifehacker feed. It’s about making your own PVC instrument relatively cheaply. If you want to know more about making your own one you can follow this guide on Instructables.

What inspired this post (after more than two months of silence on my blog) was this guy in the first video called Kent Jenkins (aka Snubby J) performing on his home-built PVC instrument. Trust me, it’s well worth the 6 minutes – watch it and tell me you’re not impressed.

If you want, you can become a fan of Kent on Facebook here or subscribe to his YouTube stream here.

Kent auditioned for America’s Got Talent 2010 earlier this year but didn’t make it past the Las Vegas round. He also auditioned for the Blue Man Group but was unsuccessful but that didn’t sway him at all as you can hear in this video journal entry on his YouTube stream. He finished high school and he’s off to university to study further, and he’s built his PVC Instrument 2.0 which he’s taking with him.

Good luck Kent – you’re a talented young guy and I really see you making a name for yourself.

South Africa – World Cup 2010

There were many sceptics when it was first announced that we were drawn as host nation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. For years after, there were many that said we could not do it, even rumours about Australia being asked to be a ‘backup’ host nation.

Well, it’s been 4 years along and we’re just past half-way through all the games for the 2010 World Cup. What do people have to say now? Just positive things – all the stadia were built on time and to the FIFA standards. Additional infrastructure, road upgrades and additional public transport (free to game ticket holders) and very well organised safe and secure venues, fan parks and fan walks. Even as someone working in the city center, right smack-bang in the middle of the fan-walk no less, I’ve not been inconvenienced any more than I’d normally be in normal traffic. In fact with the school holidays coinciding with the World Cup traffic has never been better or easier.

There are always security people, officials and/or ushers wherever you look and they’re friendly and helpful. Where are all the sceptics now?

As for Bafana-Bafana? Many are saying they, and we the South African host nation, should be disgusted in ourselves? First host nation to be knocked out of the first round World Cup.

Excuse me, did you forget to take into account we’re ranked 83rd in the world? Did you forget to take note that between ourselves, and two previous world cup winners, France and Italy. We tied with 17th ranked Mexico in our opening game. We were the only country team of the three to actually win a game? One of the games, which knocked out the former world cup champions, France?

Well done South Africa, well done Bafana-Bafana.

Enjoy a short video clip put together (it has done the round as a PowerPoint presentation too).

Fila said it best, “have faith, like rugby balls!

2010 World Cup Theme Song

With a little over 93 days to go before the 2010 Soccer World Cup begins in South Africa more and more people are getting excited about the event and talking about world-cup related activities.

Our local radio station, 94.5 KFM, played a song on the radio last week that no one had heard of before as a potential 2010 World Cup theme song. Take a listen below and let me know what you think?

The imagery in the video isn’t important but listen to the tune and the lyrics.

What do you think? Did you find yourself tapping your foot, or your fingers on the table rhythmically? I sure did. As much as I hate the sound of the Vuvuzela I still like the song’s lyrics.

The song is called Stand As One and is sung by Martin PK and co-written by Martin PK and David Campos. You can find out more about them and the song on their Facebook Page.

I’ve been doing a little digging and as far as I can tell the adapted version of K’naan‘s song Wavin’ Flag will serve as the official FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup theme song. Very catchy and international sounding.

Sources Witness This, CTV News.

I’m famous – in Sweden!

Well it seems like my blogging has finally paid off. It seems my mere ramblings are not just only ramblings but a voice that’s been heard as far as Sweden. And it seems like my little world is making a difference to others.

Click on the link below to view the full press release (in Swedish with English subtitles).

View video press release (low bandwidth version)

Board games of the future?

As you may know, we’re fans of board games and we were recently introduced to the Settlers of Catan board game as well as playing Catan online and having written a review.

I’ve just come across this excellent piece on CNET’s Crave gadget and technology blog.

With OLED technology fast becoming the norm in new Television sets, board-game makers, like Settlers of Catan could very well be looking into using this technology to add “reality” to their game. Many people play games online (computer, console and hand-held) as opposed to normal “static” board-games because of the graphics and interactivity. But with OLED technology and projection the two could very well be merged.

Have a quick read of the CNET article as well as checking out the video demonstration below. I’m sure right now it could be quite expensive but it could very well be a viable option for many not too long from now.

At first glance, the cardboard tiles in the video look like typical white hexagons out of Settlers of Catan. But with the help of an overhead camera and projector, each piece becomes a mini-computer capable of displaying animated video images and even triggering events in adjacent tiles, such as queuing soldiers to attack.

In the video, you can also see what happens when players manipulate the tiles in various ways. When one part of the tile is lifted off the table’s flat surface, troops are offloaded onto shore by “pouring” them. Rotating the tiles can change the perspective on the animated building, tree, or person being displayed.

Isn’t that just awesome?

VOTD: New Year's Celebrations – Fireworks Display

One of the photos in yesterday’s collection of photos from’s Big Picture publication was of a fireworks display near Big Ben and the London Eye. Below is a awesome 9+ minute video of the fireworks display in London. [via Babis’ Weblog]

For more fireworks displays from around the world, check here for more.

VOTD: The The Impotence of Proofreading

How many times have you written something using a word processor with a spell checker that corrects your work as you type and either not proof read it and sent it off or read it again afterwards wondering what you were smoking while writing it? Some spell checkers try to be intuitive as to what you meant to write but if not taken into context can have funny and disasterous effects. Take a look at the video clip below and enjoy – I wonder how many times he rehearsed that bit to get it right and not stumble over his own words! [via Rarmadig]

Product of the day: Comfort Wipe


So, this is what the Comfort Wipe looks like - it extends your arm a full 18 inches!

Now I’ve seen a number of very strange infomercials in my time but this has got to be one of the strangest ones.

In short it’s a product for people to wipe themselves with after doing their business without touching themselves with their hands (or like normal people do, with the toilet paper, yes I know many countries use bidets).

Take a look at the video below.

Where do they get actors who can deliver those lines with such straight faces? They should definitely have something like the Oscar’s for best infomercial actor.

Now here’s the kicker. I’m always skeptical about commercials like these so I sniffed around (cough) and came up with a post on Cracked where this guy was also a bit dubious about the product’s authenticity and called the number. Imagine his amazement when he got connected to a real person on the other side for that very product.

You have got to read the whole transcript – I was in tears (stifiling my laughter so as not to wake the kids!). [via 2oceansvibe]

Update 20 June 2009 – it appears the product didn’t make it as the commercial was just a test run to gauge consumer interest [via NYMag]