VOTD: Voca People (a cappella group)

If you know me, or follow this blog (which, I must admit has been in sparse in new posts the past, ahem, seven months) you’ll know that I enjoy, and promote, a cappella music and groups.

So last night I spotted this one among many Facebook status updates. They’re called the Voca People, and according to their website, they come from a planet, just beyond the Sun where all their communication comes in the form of music and singing. They seem to have been around for a couple years now, but this is the first I’ve heard of or seen them. According to the Wikipedia page, they hail from Israel.

Don’t be taken back by their cheesy looking website but rather have a look, and listen, to their performance. Looking at their schedule it looks like they’re doing some international tours, hope they make a plan to visit us in South Africa as well (hint, hint).


VOTD: Intel i5 commercial

There are many commercials out there for various products and services. Some good, some not and then there are those that stand out, and you remember. You don’t mind seeing them more often, unlike most commercials that you can’t grab the remote and change channels quick enough!

Here’s one that I spotted that was posted on the Cherryflava feed. It’s got that action-movie trailer feel to it. Watch it more than once, you might have missed some subtleties. This one definitely gets two thumbs up from me. Want more, check these out.

Kent Jenkins aka Snubby J – PVC Instrument player

Catching up on some reading and spotted this post on the Lifehacker feed. It’s about making your own PVC instrument relatively cheaply. If you want to know more about making your own one you can follow this guide on Instructables.

What inspired this post (after more than two months of silence on my blog) was this guy in the first video called Kent Jenkins (aka Snubby J) performing on his home-built PVC instrument. Trust me, it’s well worth the 6 minutes – watch it and tell me you’re not impressed.

If you want, you can become a fan of Kent on Facebook here or subscribe to his YouTube stream here.

Kent auditioned for America’s Got Talent 2010 earlier this year but didn’t make it past the Las Vegas round. He also auditioned for the Blue Man Group but was unsuccessful but that didn’t sway him at all as you can hear in this video journal entry on his YouTube stream. He finished high school and he’s off to university to study further, and he’s built his PVC Instrument 2.0 which he’s taking with him.

Good luck Kent – you’re a talented young guy and I really see you making a name for yourself.

VOTD: Athlone Cooling Towers Demolition

For fifty years there has been a well known landmark in Cape Town – no, not Table Mountain – the cooling towers alongside the N2 (national highway) right next to an old Coal Power Station.

It’s been many years now that the power station and the adjoining cooling towers have been decommissioned and since then support rings have been added to prevent the ageing towers from collapsing in high winds.

Recently though, the towers had been declared unsafe due to structural weakness of the towers as well as parts of the supporting braces that were breaking off and it was declared that they would be demolished.

A bitter sweet moment for many Cape Town residents. For me I’m going to miss using them as a landmark for directing friends from the airport, but I guess the stench of the sewerage farm (on the opposite side of the highway) will act as a landmark still.

So on the 22nd of August at about 4 minutes before noon (it was supposed to be at noon exactly but a pending change in the weather caused the demolition team to act quicker) the Athlone Cooling Towers came tumbling down.

Now there have been a number of videos floating around the internet but this is the best high-definition quality production I’ve seen so far.

Thanks to Gus Silber for the video link.