Forget HDTV – UHDTV will be the next big thing

With Blu-Ray slowly taking it’s place in the digital video market as the preferred digital versatile disc medium due to it’s superior storage capacity and audio and visual quality over run of the mill DVDs the current “in” technology are HD television sets.

With more and more public and private broadcasters in various countries around the world switching off their analogue signals and purely broadcasting digital signals they’re fast becoming the norm. Never mind the on-going battle between technology experts about which HDTV display is better, Plasma or LCD (oh and let’s not forget OLED displays too).

If that wasn’t enough to confuse most people – there’s something “new” on the horizon. Ultra High Definition Televisions or UHDTV (also known as Super Hi-Vision). I say “new” since it’s not really new but just not very well known, yet. Japan Broadcast Corporation (NHK) already demonstrated this technology back in 2005 at the World Exposition in Aichi, Japan.

I’ve been into technology and it’s awesomeness as far back as I can remember but being a parent, having a mortgage and working as a software developer (who doesn’t work for the government) sometimes, okay most times, cost comes into the equation and usually overrides the wow factor. I have some decent audio visual equipment but neither Blu-Ray players nor a HDTV (yet) or satellite television (yet).

Okay so give it up – more info on the UHDTV already!

Well, Ultra, it definitely is. To put it into perspective. Current HDTV is broadcast in a 1920×1080 resolution whereas UHDTV will be broadcast in a resolution of 7680×4320. What? Okay, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here goes. The turquoise rectangle is the current HDTV resolution and the big blue outer rectangle is the UHDTV resolution. Click on the image for a higher resolution version.


Get the picture? That’s seriously huge! But it’ll be a few years before this becomes commercially available and viable. Possibly in the next 7 to 12 years. Along with an amazing high resolution image you’ll also get superb 22.2 multichannel surround sound. You read that correctly, 22 satellite speakers and 2 sub-woofers. Huh? Where do all those speakers go? Well in a configuration as follows:

  • 9 speakers above ear level
  • 10 speakers at ear level
  • 5 speakers below ear level

I guess we’ll need a bigger lounge then.

You can find out more in the various links in the post above or here. Thanks to Jon for the heads-up of this article on Hot Hardware.

Below is a short video about Super Hi-Vision/UHDTV from IBC Channel News.

New Philips Carousel Cinema 21:9 TV Series

LG brought us the new TV Series called Scarlet, which we all thought was a new show that would be aired on TV, which slowly revealed itself as a new series of TVs brought to you by LG.

Now Philips, with the help of Stink Digital, bring you a cinematic short film of a frozen-in-time police shoot-out with armed clowns. They used this promote how well the 21:9 aspect ratio lends itself to cinematic films in their new range of TVs.

There’s a microsite too if you’d like to see what the movie looks like on a 21:9 Philips television with Ambilight technology enabled. Or you can just view the briliant short-film in the embedded video below (coincidentally it’s 2 minutes and 19 seconds long). Enjoy, I know I did – and now I want one too! [via Onelargeprawn]

Toshiba TV Timesculpture Commercial

I was just passed the links to these two videos. A commercial shot for Toshiba’s TV – it’s not something really done before and the end result is quite something. Consider the fact that it took 200 cameras, over 2.5 million frames edited with almost 20TB of data. The first video clip is the actual commercial and the second is the making of. – thanks to Sean for the links.
Toshiba Timesculpture TV Commercial
Making of Timesculpture TV commercial

A day of many things…

Right, so I got off my @ss after spending three days of doing pretty much nothing and vegging, well why not, I’m on leave after all!

Did some shopping, did some needed DIY around the house and later this afternoon meeting the BLI boys for leaving drinks, another end of an era, but I’m sure we’ll still be in touch in some or other way, shape or form, in the future.

Hmmm, a little dissapointed with final episode of Amazing Race last night – I guess the whole reality-TV show is getting a bit old now. Watched WALL-E with the kids the other day and it was pretty good. Amazing how about 30 mins of the movie without any dialogue (other than “Waaaall-E” and “Eeeeeva”) actually wasn’t boring but quite entertaining. Nice message throughout the movie, which I doubt kids will get immediately but I’m sure it will sit in their subconsciousness.