VOTD: Voca People (a cappella group)

If you know me, or follow this blog (which, I must admit has been in sparse in new posts the past, ahem, seven months) you’ll know that I enjoy, and promote, a cappella music and groups.

So last night I spotted this one among many Facebook status updates. They’re called the Voca People, and according to their website, they come from a planet, just beyond the Sun where all their communication comes in the form of music and singing. They seem to have been around for a couple years now, but this is the first I’ve heard of or seen them. According to the Wikipedia page, they hail from Israel.

Don’t be taken back by their cheesy looking website but rather have a look, and listen, to their performance. Looking at their schedule it looks like they’re doing some international tours, hope they make a plan to visit us in South Africa as well (hint, hint).


Video Parody: Saturday kicks Friday’s ass

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock or completely disconnected from the internet and not spoken to anyone in the last couple of weeks – you’ve probably heard of Rebecca Black and her debut music video called Friday.

Her video has amassed over 25 million views – no, it’s not because it’s that good – on the contrary, it’s because it’s *that* bad. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look below – if you have, I beg of you, save yourself and don’t click play but read further. Her auto-tuned voice sounds so bad, I can just imagine what her voice sounds like unaltered.


So Brian Haner (if you don’t know is a stand-up and legendary guitarist who also joins Jeff Dunham on his shows as Guitar Guy) put together a parody video (taking a stab at Charlie Sheen by the sounds of it too). His is much better, and funnier, for all the good reasons.


Kent Jenkins aka Snubby J – PVC Instrument player

Catching up on some reading and spotted this post on the Lifehacker feed. It’s about making your own PVC instrument relatively cheaply. If you want to know more about making your own one you can follow this guide on Instructables.

What inspired this post (after more than two months of silence on my blog) was this guy in the first video called Kent Jenkins (aka Snubby J) performing on his home-built PVC instrument. Trust me, it’s well worth the 6 minutes – watch it and tell me you’re not impressed.

If you want, you can become a fan of Kent on Facebook here or subscribe to his YouTube stream here.

Kent auditioned for America’s Got Talent 2010 earlier this year but didn’t make it past the Las Vegas round. He also auditioned for the Blue Man Group but was unsuccessful but that didn’t sway him at all as you can hear in this video journal entry on his YouTube stream. He finished high school and he’s off to university to study further, and he’s built his PVC Instrument 2.0 which he’s taking with him.

Good luck Kent – you’re a talented young guy and I really see you making a name for yourself.

VOTD: The Axis of Awesome’s 4 Chords

Ever listened to a new band or a new pop song and thought, hmmm, it does have a familiar sound, doesn’t it? Well there’a trio from down under, called The Axis of Awesome, who have the answer.

And you’ll be surprised to hear how simple it is – just four chords. That’s right, according to “Chicken Little” aka Benny you can pretty much hear/use the same four chords in just about any pop song and to prove their point they demonstrate by playing 36 different pop songs using the same four chords. These guys definitely live up to their name. Definitely worth following this new up and coming trio from Australia. You can see what they’re up to by following them on Twitter or having a look at their website.

But first, don’t just take my word for it, have a listen for yourself  – check out the video below. [via Onelargeprawn]

Update – 18 May 2010: Jon from the RCB has put together a much better break down and analysis of why the four chords work so well in his blog post here.

2010 World Cup Theme Song

With a little over 93 days to go before the 2010 Soccer World Cup begins in South Africa more and more people are getting excited about the event and talking about world-cup related activities.

Our local radio station, 94.5 KFM, played a song on the radio last week that no one had heard of before as a potential 2010 World Cup theme song. Take a listen below and let me know what you think?

The imagery in the video isn’t important but listen to the tune and the lyrics.

What do you think? Did you find yourself tapping your foot, or your fingers on the table rhythmically? I sure did. As much as I hate the sound of the Vuvuzela I still like the song’s lyrics.

The song is called Stand As One and is sung by Martin PK and co-written by Martin PK and David Campos. You can find out more about them and the song on their Facebook Page.

I’ve been doing a little digging and as far as I can tell the adapted version of K’naan‘s song Wavin’ Flag will serve as the official FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup theme song. Very catchy and international sounding.


Sources Witness This, CTV News.

VOTD: OK Go’s This Too Shall Pass music video

Some of you should/might remember the band OK Go music video Here It Goes Again where they performed their dance routine on a bunch of treadmills on a shoe-string budget.

Well, they’re back with another great video entitled This Too Shall Pass. If you’ve been playing on computers as long as I have you’ll probably remember TIM, or The Incredible Machine which was a game available on computers in the early 90’s.

… objective of the games is to create a series of Rube Goldberg devices: arrange a given collection of objects in a needlessly complex fashion so as to perform some simple task (for example, “put the ball into a box” or “light a candle”). Available objects ranged from simple ropes and pulleys to electrical generators, bowling balls, and even cats and mice, most of which had specific interactions with or reactions to other objects (for example, mice will run towards nearby cheese). – source Wikipedia

Well, the guys from OK Go decided this was going to be the theme of their latest music video. It looks like, after meticulous preparation and testing, they shot the whole video in a single take.

Directed by James Frost, OK Go and Syyn Labs. Produced by Shirley Moyers. The official video for the recorded version of “This Too Shall Pass” off of the album “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky”. The video was filmed in a two story warehouse, in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. The “machine” was designed and built by the band, along with members of Synn Labs over the course of several months. – source YouTube

You can read up more about this group, see other videos and follow them on twitter via their official website.

[via Cherryflava]

VOTD: Too late, Windows 7

I got sent this by a friend and I’m sure a lot of people share the same sentiment. It’s a parody video by Tobuscus of OneRepublic’s “Apologize” [via Koukla]

VOTD: Shredding an accordion

You’ve heard of and seen guys shredding various tunes on a guitar. Now, get ready to be blow away by a kid, called Aleksandr Hrustevich, who completely blows me away with his performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons movements, on an accordion, that’s right, an accordion! [via DCP]


Now, tell me you weren’t impressed by that? You can see some more of his talent via his YouTube channel.

VOTD: Speaking Piano

You know some people look at a piece of art and say it “speaks” to them – could it be the case with music too? Apparently so since Austrian composer Peter Ablinger has made a talking mechanical piano. Take a look at the video below (it’s in German but if you leave annotations on they’ll act as subtitles). [via Crave]

VOTD: Perpetuum Jazzile Choir

You might not have heard of them before. They’re a Slovenian Choir group called Perpetuum Jazzile and they do some amazing a capella work. Just take a look for yourself at the video below where they emulate the sound of a thunderstorm followed by their a capella version of Toto’s famous track, Africa. You can find out more about them on their website (in Slovenian or in English) or follow them on Facebook or on Twitter. [via Koukla]

More videos here, on Youtube.