VOTD: Airplane! vs Zero Hour!

I’m sure like me you enjoy comedies and by now you must have seen either scenes from or the entire movie, Airplane! It’s a spoof comedy starring Leslie Nielsen, Robert Hays and Lloyd Bridges, amongst others. It’s one of my all time favourite comedies and it’s in my DVD collection.

Some of my favourite quotes are between Leslie Nielsen’s character, Dr Rumack and Julie Hagerty‘s character Elaine Dickinson:

Dr. Rumack: Can you fly this plane, and land it?
Elaine: Surely you can’t be serious?

Dr. Rumack: I am, and don’t call me Shirley.

Dr. Rumack: You’d better tell the Captain we’ve got to land as soon as we can. This woman has to be gotten to a hospital.

Elaine: A hospital? What is it?

Dr. Rumack: It’s a big building with patients, but that’s not important right now.

The quotes themselves are funny, but what makes them even funnier is seen in context, the actor’s facial expressions and the things that went on in the background of most scenes. It’s pure genius – yes, comedy is subjective but if you’ve not seen it yet give it a go.

But I digress – what about this Zero Hour you mentioned in the title, I hear you ask.

Glad you asked – did you ever see a movie titled Zero Hour! before? I sure didn’t. And an even lesser known fact is that Airplane was in fact a re-make of the original Zero Hour movie, except that it was turned into a comedy. I too, can’t help but sit with a smile on my face while looking at some of the scenes from the original movie.

Take a look at the clip below showing comparisons of scenes out of both movies. [via BoingBoing]

VOTD: Adolf’s Adolf Hitler parody video

I’m sure you must have seen one of the meme’s around the Internet which features a scene out of a German movie called Der Untergang (Downfall) with English subtitles. But instead of the original English subtitles, they have been replaced by various people poking fun at various things.

I’ve just spotted the video to end all Hitler parody videos. One by the fuhrer himself! Check it out below. [via BoingBoing]

District 9

district9-posterSo we’re in Noordhoek celebrating our 10th anniversary and the weather is pretty crappy and there’s not much to do outdoors in weather like this in Noordhoek. We’ve been to the World of Birds and Hout Bay Harbour a number of times before so we drove down to Longbeach Mall to see what was there and if perhaps they had a thing called the “cinema”.

We thought we might be pushing our luck, but lo and behold, they actually had one, in fact a few cinemas in the mall.

There has been much talk of this District 9 movie for the last month or so and after being prompted by the likes of Baldricman and my brother, I thought we too should go and see what all the fuss is about.

Now I am not a fan of the home-brewed movies or acting except for the odd comedy so I went in with very low expectations. Yes we have the likes of Charlize Theron but she’s a one-in-a-million when it comes to a-list actors from South Africa.

District 9 is not your ordinary film although I think it’s genre would classify it as a sci-fi movie however there’s a distinct documentary feel about it but it doesn’t only have elements of science fiction in it. There’s the drama and almost realism of it all due to the documentary style it is shown in. There’s the romance between the lead character Wikus (played by Sharlto Copley, who interestingly is largely an unknown when it comes to the big/little screen and actually didn’t audition for a role at all and was just helping his mate read lines) and his on-screen wife Tanya (played by Vanessa Haywood). There’s a lot of humour, although I think the language used might appeal more to South Africans than internationals. And there’s lots of action and surprisingly well done special effects.

With a high rating of 8.5 out of 10 from almost 70,000 votes and grossing more ($37m) than it’s budget ($30m) in it’s opening weekend it seems the movie is becoming quite a success.


So what did I think of it? I was actually very surprised and actually enjoyed it, quite a bit in fact. I quickly forgot about the silly sounding South African accents and even though there was a documentary style about it still enjoyed it. The effects as I said were done surprisingly well and did not look cheesy at all. If you’re squeamish about blood and gore maybe this isn’t one for you as there’s quite a bit of it. There are a couple of lines from the movie that I really enjoyed, although they’re not quite fitting for publishing on my blog, if you get my drift.

But don’t take just my word for it – read some reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and go and see it for yourself. And if you’ve not seen it yet, here’s the trailer below.


Butterfly Effect


It has been said that something as small as a flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. – Chaos Theory 

That’s the opening quote in the movie we watched this evening called The Butterfly Effect, starring Amy Smart and Ashton Kutcher. Yes, I know, it’s been out for almost 5 years but remember we have kids so not always easy to go out to the movies you know.

Anyway, the movie is about a guy who, while growing up, has a number of spells where he completely blacks out and doesn’t know what happened for certain periods of times. As a potential aid for him, doctors recommend that he keep a journal so that he could refer to certain portions later should he have another blackout spell and could not remember something. Later on he’s in college and finds out that if he reads certain sections of his journal, that ocurred just prior to a blackout, he could travel back in time to that very moment. I won’t spoil it by giving away much more and the ending but needless to say it strikes a chord!

It then got me thinking – you know, we always ask one another and talk about the what ifs. Like, what if you could go back in time, would you do things differently? Would you change something? And the follow-on question to that would be, if you knew that by going back in time changing one thing could adversely affect another, would you still knowingly do it?

After watching the first film, we’re keen to watch the The Butterfly Effect 2 which came out in 2006. It’s not a sequel to the story or characters but follows the same theory around the butterfly effect.

Movie theater debuts D-Box motion seats

Yes, I know this is posted on April Fool’s day – but it’s no joke.

On April 3rd – the Surprise movie theatrer will be unveiling new D-Box motion seats. What’s so special about these seats then? Well I’m sure you’ve either felt the force-feedack of a game-console controller or the vibration mode in your cellphone? Or one of those virtual rollercoaster rides? Well, this is something similar.

The seats are equipped with D-Box motion codes that correspond to the action on-screen, causing the seats to shake and tilt in time with the film’s action. For “Fast & Furious,” audience members will feel the shifts and rumbles of an opening hijacking sequence, but the seats will remain still during the quieter, dialogue scenes. According to Marcoux, the seats are used for about a third of the film, including subtle vibrations along with the soundtrack and stronger movement for the action scenes. – source AZ Central.

What surround-sound and DTS brought to our ears to make us feel more immersed in the movies, D-Box motion enables you to feel more of the movie you’re watching.

If you want to know more about the technology behind it then take a look at D-Box’s website.

I would love to be able to give one of these a go – or even better – have one at home hooked up to my home theater system! Thanks Koukla for sharing.

VOTD: Mac vs PC – the movie

I’m sure you’ve seen those Mac vs PC short clips, well here comes the movie. Inspired by transformers with a terminator theme, giving you a glimpse into the real world of computers – awesome. [via Sean]

Fore more info about Nick Greenlee, creator of the video, check out his website and portfolio.

Minesweeper, the Movie!

Minesweeper – we’ve all seen it and we’ve all played it at some or other stage in our lives ever since Windows 3.1 but what if, it was made into, a movie?

The people at College Humor have way too much time on their hands and have created this little movie trailer for Minesweeper – enjoy! 🙂