Tuesday stuff…

Yeah, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate title for this post, so that’s it. We had a nice daddy-daughter day yesterday with my eldest. Starting with a follow-up visit to the chiro and then went to visit mom at her office and brought lunch with us too.

We then took a drive to a nearby place where kids can take pony-rides but unfortunately no one was availabe, so we went to the local mall amusement park instead. Why is it that when you show kids, “look, these are the coins we have for the various games, once they’re up, they’re up” that they’re keen to accept that fact, yet when the last coin is used up, they insist you get more. Why should the fun stop just because some flat-metal discs have all been used up, after all there’s a magic machine over there that spits them out for you! Anyway, after a few trips to the token machine and lots of various games we headed across the way for a milkshake (and to my surprise, a breakfast request too, after we alredy had lunch!). What is it with kids metabolism that some days they’ll refuse to eat and others they wont stop!? We then rented a couple kiddie DVDs and picked up my younger little one from the creche so that they could watch them before supper that evening. All in all a good day (nice weather too, mind you, for the middle of winter).

This morning I had an appointment with the principal of the primary school in our neighbourhood to prepare for next year’s intake of Grade 1’s. I cannot believe my eldest daughter is going to “big” school next year!? Let me tell you, it was a weird feeling being in the principal’s office again, especially since it was more than 15 years ago that I last was in one (no, I wasn’t misbehaving, much). I found it interesting that apperently principals aren’t allowed to “interview” the kids before they join the school anymore – I would have thought that would have been a great way to assess which kids got placed into which classes (proficiencies, etc). Oh well, guess it’s just the normal paper-work and then comes the big spender, like school uniforms, books, writing implements, etc!

I came across this post this morning, on Lifehacker about nifty little add-ons for Windows Explorer (mostly Windows XP only) to add more powerful and useful functionality to your existing file manager. With the exception of add-ons like TeraCopy, I’m usually one of those that has tried and installed quite a few add-ons but the fad soon wears off and I forget about them. But maybe there’s one or two there to your liking that might make your day a little bit more productive (either at home, or at the office). I guess it’s one of those “old habbits die hard” type of things and you just fall back into doing things the way you always did, before all these nice little extras were invented. I stil find myself doing odd things at times like looking through directories in a command window! Ahh, the days of DOS.

Do you speak "Kids"?

I went for my orientation session at the new company yesterday, after lunch, and found it interesting to learn how they do things, who does what, and what’s important to them – people! One of the main reasons I signed up with them. I can’t understand how companies (big ones too!) don’t focus on their people, their most valuable resource. But I digress…

Later that afternoon we had a socialising session with drinks and snacks and I got to meet quite a few people – nice, friendly and easy to talk to people. I’m quite excited about starting there in a week’s time! I was chatting to a colleague – mutual friend of another friend of mine – who also has a child (a son, who will be two at the end of this year) and it was interesting how quickly a topic of conversation can focus on children when the parties chatting have kids.

Even later on in the evening I was at home and I gave another friend (and ex-colleague) of mine a call, who’d just become a father on Monday, and the majority of our 40-minute conversation was… you guessed it, kids! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I just find it interesting. I guess it stems from the fact that as a parent, you’re really proud of what you had a part in creating. Even our local DJ (who recently became a dad) finds it intriguing. He echos the same thoughts as I have about kids, so instead of repeating myself you can read further what he has to say.

Vacation, I want one too!

I was told this afternoon, that my eldest daughter told my wife this morning, that she too wants to have a “vacation day” like Daddy. How can anyone say no to something like that? Kids, eh?


Unfortunately I’ve already got plans tomorrow with my new employer but I think Monday I’ll surprise her and pick her up from school, early in the morning, for a treat, just the two of us. Just have to think up something creative now.