Blog One Month Old Today

Wow – over 650 page views in my first month making an average of 21 views per day! I never thought I’d get traffic, let alone this much for a blog with random ramblings. Guess the blogosphere is a great place, anything can happen. What was the hottest topic so far? HP Printer Cartridges Expiring with 122 views.

Thanks to all my friends and readers. I’ll try and keep it up, if not improve 🙂

Blog Content Theft – Update

Just a quick follow-up post regarding the above topic that I blogged about in the beginning of August.

I found a great article from Narayanan Aier on his Dreamy World blog which he has broken up into three parts:

There’s also an official Stolen Content blog maintained by Alex Shiels from Automattic (the people behind the WordPress blogging system). Here you can search for a domain you suspect having stolen your content and if it’s been noted before by someone else you’ll find information about whom to contact as well as sample Cease and Desist letters to use.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if it’s a rant, a comment or simply your thoughts – if you wrote it, it’s yours and no one else has the right to re-use it without your express permission.

Let’s fight back and ensure our content stays ours!

Blog Content Theft

Content theft has been around ever since the inception of the Internet, but in the early days people would take content others had written and claimed it as their own. Now stealing blog content, or blog scraping, doesn’t sound like much, but it’s why they’re stealing it and what they’re doing with it.

Last night I posted about things to make you think and it wasn’t even seconds after I posted it that I noticed on my blog stats page a link back to the article and thought, hmm, that’s quick. But when I followed the link, I noticed some obscure blog site with my exact post (word for word, including pictures).

When I looked around their site I noticed different content in different languages from different blog posters, and what made my suspicious were the additional links to keywords like “adult”, “porn”, “sex” on the right as well as medicine keywords (levitra soma tramadol) at the bottom of every post with links to an online pharmacy website to purchase them and then the penny dropped. They’ve scraped (to date) almost 27000 blog posts with any kind of content and added their keywords with links to the pharmacy websites which when indexed by Google will enable their links to come up higher in the results as they receive higher page ranks.

For people who host their own blogs and have to pay for their bandwidth, beware and look at ways to prevent their IPs from accessing your sites and put in redirects if the referring site is theirs so that they can’t leech your content from your website. They’re not the only ones or the first to do it – there are many out there.

Another way they make their money is through AdSense on Google, there are steps you can take but it’s a laborious process.

Here’s another great post about blog scraping, what it is and what you can do.

Plagiarism Today is also another blog by a concerned citizen trying to do something about it.

I hope this post helps other new bloggers (like myself) understand what’s happening and why.

Another useful post from Sean on his blog here – and in his comments below mine (before I did more research and posted this post).

Tangled up in the World Wide Web

I remember back in the day, when we were first introduced to the Internet in South Africa in the early 90’s, things seemed so much simpler back then. You had a website (or a single page, if you were lucky) that you could put up for the world to see – well the world, back then being your friends and family who saw it on your PC screen, as it would take about a year to be indexed, if at all!

Well that was Web 1.0, today we’re bombarded with Web 2.0! Interacting with people, social networking, rich media – where do you start, where do you go? Nowdays you not only have to keep your website updated, but your blog, your professional networking profile and your social networking profile. Nevermind all the emails you have to wade through, and don’t get me even started on SPAM!

How do you communicate with people online? Before, it was just email. Then tools like PowWow and ICQ appeared and we had an easier and instant way of communicating with people all over the world. Add, audio, video teleconferencing and it’s like you’re there! Heck, even surgeons are training and consulting using these kinds of tools today! What will it be like 2 to 3 generations from now? Will we be born with microchips embedded in our brains, already linked up to the super highway (well, except for in SA where we’re still about 5 to 10 years behind everyone else)?

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog, finally I joined the band-waggon and created one. Lets hope it gets updated more often than my website does *sigh*. Hopefully I’ll be able to share some thoughts with you, well whomever it is that’s watching anyway 🙂

I’m on two-weeks leave right now, a much needed break considering the fact that I’ve not had a break between jobs since returning to SA in 2002! Relaxing a bit first, catching up on emails and watching a couple movies, just really relaxing, then I need to get stuck into DIY which I said I’d do back in the summer! *duck*

But first, let’s see what the final episode of Amazing Race is like.

Ciao for now!