Blog Update

Just a quick post, at 2 in the morning – to let you know I’m still around. I really bit off more  than I could swallow when I decided to move my blog to my own hosting environment and then I decided I wanted to change the domain name again!

Now after sleepless nights, fighting with mySQL at command-line level, I’ve finally fixed all the broken posts, missing/broken images as well as making sure all the back-links in my previous posts now point to this domain ( and no longer to my old blog domain.

It’s amazing how reliant you become with GUI tools at your disposal and then things get messy, quickly when you need to delve into command-line world (yeah all the Linux folks are laughing at me right now, I know).

To cut a long story short, I’ve been making backups of my WordPress database daily only to find out I had problems importing it after I made changes to it (UTF-8, encoding, etc ,etc) but I managed to figure it out and I can safely say I can restore the WordPress backups now, even after hand-coding changes!

Now that I’m happy with my blog move the next task for me is a new design. A change is as good as a holiday they say. I’ll keep you posted but right now, I… need… sleep, stat!

One year of blogging

Wow! A whole year has just about flown by. I can’t believe it was already a year ago today, that I posted my first blog post, sharing my thoughts with the world wide web.

So much has happened since then. I was on two weeks leave between jobs, my kids had just had their birthdays, I was thinking about the changes in my life and where my career was heading. And at the same time, thinking, how would I be able to get more than a handfull (at best) of people to read my blog, you know that “hello, is this thing on?“, microphone test.

It wasn’t easy I’ll tell you that – anyone that thinks it’s easy to start a blog, on their own at that, is very much mistaken, especially if you don’t only intend on using it purely as a sounding board for your thoughts, but also a place people will want to come back to. A place to use as a point of reference, be it for something technical, like code or an application review or info about a hidden/hard-to-find feature but maybe just about something you too might find funny (which I hope I got right with my various posts about funny pictures, videos) and even those that brought a tear to your eye, or made you think a little deeper about something.

I can not only see by the number of posts each month (which up until a few months ago, averaged a post a day) but by the daily and weekly stats of visitors just finding my blog posts via various searches and linked posts/websites that I’ve not been giving it my all lately. I’ve tried though – but it’s tough, to find the time to juggle everything in life, and find the time to blog too. Thank you to my loyal friends who keep reading and commenting on the odd blog post or too, and to those I don’t know but do come back again and again to read my ramblings and share their thoughts too, I really do appreciate it. I now know, my voice out there, in the massively tangled  up web, is actually heard, or read – so thanks! I’ll try and keep it up and let’s look back where we are in a year from now – yup, that’s a challenge.

New Blog Feature: Ratings

I’ve just found and enabled a new feature on my blog. Post and comments ratings.

So if you find a post on my blog and find it interesting, or not, why not rate it after you’ve read it. And if you participate in comments on a particular post and like/dislike a comment why not rate it too.

This way I’ll get a better handle on whether or not you like what I’m sharing with you as well as what you think of other commenters comments on the various posts.

You can find the post rating at the top of the post just below the title.


And each commenter has their own rating which looks like this:


Give it a try, please 🙂

2009 SA Blog Awards : Update

So, I didn’t make the top 10 finalists in any of the categories I was nominated for. Nevertheless, there are still some great blogs up for nominations in each of the categories. Go and check them out, I’ve cast my votes, cast yours.

2009 SA Blog Awards : Nominate my blog

nominate this blog

If you get a chance, please nominate my blog in one or more of the following categories: South African Blog of the Year, Most Humerous South African Blog, Best New Blog or nominate one of my posts for the Best Post on a South African Blog – simply click the image to the left and fill in your details. I know I probably won’t win any of the categories, but like they say at the Oscars, “it’s an honour just being nominated”!

The 2009 SA Blog Awards is scheduled for its annual process of nominations and voting this year from 1st March through to 1st April, and the winners announced on 3rd April. Please click here and have a look at rules with which the awards will be run this year.

Fewer than normal posts

To my regular readers, all 11 of you :), sorry for the fewer than normal posts this month. Unfortunately work has gotten in the way. Yeah, don’t you just hate it when work gets in the way of fun things? Anyway, this phase of the project I’m currently on is coming to a close this month, so hopefully the pace will be more bearable from next month onwards and I’ll have a little more time to dig around for interesting things to share with you, or write a little rant or two.

To all the non-regulars, keep watching this space, always an interesting thing or two being shared here.

The power of StumbleUpon

In comparison to most bloggers, I’m relatively new to the scene, having only had my blog online for the last 6 months. And one thing I’ve learnt is that driving traffic to your blog, if you’re not some celebrity or, world-renowned uber geek, is very difficult. I try to post things I find interesting but not only to me, but which I think others will find interesting too. 

So yesterday a friend sent me a copy of the alleged, leaked, “Vista Source Code” which I thoroughly enjoyed and promptly posted. It received a few hits during the day, but at some point between yesterday and this morning, someone linked to my post on StumbleUpon

The day’s not over yet, and the post alone, has generated over 1600 hits today. So, what, ask the bloggers who get thousands of hits on their blogs daily. Well, to me, it’s quite an achievement and to put it in perspective, my blog averages about 1500 hits a month!

A new year, a new look

No, I’ve not had a makeover, but my blog has. If you’re following me via your favourite feed reader, why not check out the blog itself and let me know what you think. I’ve been wanting to change the theme for quite a while now and I never thought any of the other available themes worked for me and now I think I’ve found one. I like the way the black background helps emphasise the text and imagery better (I think reading white on black is easier on the eyes than black on white).

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts 🙂