VOTD: Voca People (a cappella group)

If you know me, or follow this blog (which, I must admit has been in sparse in new posts the past, ahem, seven months) you’ll know that I enjoy, and promote, a cappella music and groups.

So last night I spotted this one among many Facebook status updates. They’re called the Voca People, and according to their website, they come from a planet, just beyond the Sun where all their communication comes in the form of music and singing. They seem to have been around for a couple years now, but this is the first I’ve heard of or seen them. According to the Wikipedia page, they hail from Israel.

Don’t be taken back by their cheesy looking website but rather have a look, and listen, to their performance. Looking at their schedule it looks like they’re doing some international tours, hope they make a plan to visit us in South Africa as well (hint, hint).


VOTD: A Capella Tribute to Michael Jackson

Sam Tsui is a junior at Yale University and he and friend Kurt Schenider put together a great video of them performing as an A Capella group singing a tribute to Michael Jackson using various of his songs. Look carefully, it’s actually not a group but just Sam, replicated a few times and Kurt off to the side doing the beat-boxing. Nice editing from Kurt and vocal talent from Sam. [via Koukla and MJ Memorabilia]


VOTD: Perpetuum Jazzile Choir

You might not have heard of them before. They’re a Slovenian Choir group called Perpetuum Jazzile and they do some amazing a capella work. Just take a look for yourself at the video below where they emulate the sound of a thunderstorm followed by their a capella version of Toto’s famous track, Africa. You can find out more about them on their website (in Slovenian or in English) or follow them on Facebook or on Twitter. [via Koukla]

More videos here, on Youtube.


VOTD: A capella on YouTube

I just found a couple of clips on YouTube by this guy that sings various songs A capella. This guy rocks – his videos are awesome. Check out a few samples below, or subscribe to his YouTube channel.


Imagine (youtube human version) Parody