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  1. ashay Reply


    Thanks for your article regarding the digital tuner on the new Sony Bravias. I also have a 32 inch tv, and have been enjoying the channels for a few months now. However, they seem to have become scrambled as of yesterday.

    Do you by any chance have any idea why? Or is my case unique in that you are continuing to receive the channels?

    Please let me know if you know anything about this. Thanks again for the interesting posts.


    • Deems Reply

      Hey @ashay thanks for visiting and commenting. It would appear that the free digital broadcast has ended – I’ve no confirmed source for this yet – but also had breaks in transmission yesterday morning. And this afternoon when we got home the digital broadcast on all the 10 digital channels appears to be scrambled. So it’s not just you I’m afraid.

  2. Leanne Reply

    Hi Deems

    I came across your article about digital terrestrial TV (

    I’m busy trying to get this to work on my computer using a USB digital TV tuner.

    It works pretty well and I can get the SABC channels and most radio stations perfectly but etv seems to be elusive.

    Are you still able to receive digital TV channels on your TV including etv?

    Do you perhaps know the frequency of etv?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    From Leanne

    • Deems Reply

      Sorry for the very late reply – your comment got included amongst all the other spam comments unfortunately.

      The digital TV channels were only available during the testing period. They’ve since been switched off and remain off until fully implemented. And with the DoC insisting on using the STBs (assuming for encryption and to force people to pay TV licences) I doubt they’ll be available again (which makes the digital tuner kind of redundant in our TVs here in SA).

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