Veggie Garden – Attempt #3

After our first veggie garden and how well it went, we were very keen on getting another one going again. However, not long after finishing the planting of our second veggie garden, we got Shadow.

Dina got a rebate back from the Tax Man so we decide to use some of it and build a proper enclosure for the veggie garden, and subsequently make it bigger too. So off Dina went with her dad and bought the materials and my dad joined them later to spend a few hours building a 1.5m (5 ft) tall diamon-mesh fence with a wooden gate for access.

This morning my dad and I went to buy some compost and various seedlings to plant. We hung the gate, planted the seedlings and now we have another veggie garden growing nicely.

Hopefully the dogs (and the kids) will stay out and the veggies will grow nicely. Not too long from now we should have some corn, lettuce, broccoli, spring onions and spinach, green beans, tomatoes and green peppers to eat. Yum!