Book Review: A Million Miles From Normal

So a little while back I got a comment on either a blog post or a twitter post (not entirely sure) but it was from someone called Paige Nick. On her profile was her website – I had a look and thought to myself, hmm, this woman sounds interesting, let’s stalk follow her for a while and see what she has to say (twitter) and write (blog) about.

Her ramblings and posts often are  a million miles from normal – but then again who wants to be normal anyway? Along the way, I heard that her first book had been published this year and those that had read it thoroughly enjoyed it. I asked Paige about it and she said it’s a romantic comedy, not your average guy’s reading material but the reviews were so good that I thought I should give it a bash too.

I’ve got to be honest, my preferred genre of fiction novels is action and suspense thrillers. But hey, I enjoy the odd romantic comedy now and then so I was keen to give it a read.

Excerpt from the book’s back-cover:

All Rahcel Marcus wants is a cool job, a guy who has all his own teeth and a decent cup of tea. Is that too much to ask?

Rachel Marcus has a great life and an amazing job as a top copywriter at an advertising agency in Johannesburg, or rather Rachel Marcus HAD a great life and an amazing job as a top copywriter at an advertising agency in Johannesburg – right up until she got fired.

Now after reading that, and getting to know Paige, through her blog posts and twitter updates, it was easy to relate Rachel Marcus to a real-life person and I almost felt like I knew her so I enjoyed her character from the get-go.

Paige’s writing style makes for really easy reading – and the story line makes it really hard to put the book down – had I not only had time late in the evening to read her novel I would easily have been able to read it in a single sitting.

The story also reads easily and even though there are sections with more descriptive writing than dialogue you don’t get bored – Paige has definitely found the right balance there.

Since we’re in the social-networking age Paige has made nice use of Facebook status updates throughout the novel as Rachel shares her thoughts and plans with anyone out there who is listening.

There’s a great array of different characters in the novel – I’m sure you can relate to one of them or more likely know of or work with some of them. There are a few twists and surprises in the book which also make it one of those novels that’s difficult to put down.

If you’re interested in buying a copy – head on over to and get your copy.

Now I just need to get Paige to sign my copy – I’ll even buy her a cup of Five Roses 🙂