VOTD: Octopus 1, Shark 0

I posted a video not too long ago I found of an octopus stealing a diver’s camera. Today I spotted another fascinating clip of an octopus.

Curators at an aquarium were perplexed as to why there were often shark carcasses at the bottom of the aquarium. They investigated further only to find the sharks had a predator in the aquarium, the octopus. Take a look at this video footage from National Geographic (you might want to enjoy the video with muted sound as the cheesy voice-over is very irritating). [via BoingBoing]

Update: 14 May 2010 – For those wondering, the Spiny Dogfish Shark in the video below is smaller than your average shark. Measuring about 3′ to 5′ in length, while the Giant Octopus pictured, can measure up to 23′ in length and weigh up to 156bls (73 kg) so it’s a tad bigger than the shark. But still, you wouldn’t think of them as common adversaries.


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