Veggie garden update – fruits of our labour

On my previous blog posts about our home vegetable garden I said I’d let you know what the fruits of our labour look like. Well here it finally is. We’ve picked off one or two cherry tomatoes already but the rest are all still green – but there are LOADS of them so we should have quite a few when they all ripen.

The lettuces and spinaches have served us well, but no photos since we never picked the whole plant/head just a few leaves at a time. We’ve had a few peppers already (probably half a dozen in total) and below are two that I picked this morning, along with three of the corn cobs. I just had to take photos of them to share with you.

Just look at the size of these suckers. The pepper a good 4.5″ (11.5 cm) long and the corn a 7″ (18 cm) – not bad I say for some home-grown veggies, eh?