Do you know how to navigate a circle/roundabout?

If you’ve been driving for any amount of time (or at the very least obtained a legal driver’s license, not a lucky-packet one or one you paid the guy under the counter for) you should know this basic concept.

Yet, many, many people (shock, horror) actually don’t or as I tend to believe (and feel at the time) don’t care about.

Just this morning I was almost taken out by a traffic officer (no less) who was travelling into and around one of the roundabouts in town (in the same direction as myself, and to my left). He completely disregarded the use of his indicator lights to denote to the rest of us that he was changing lanes and just eased over into the middle lane (yes there are 3 around the roundabouts in the CBD) which I was actually travelling in alongside him.

This is the one thing that irks me about 90% of drivers that simply cannot comprehend how to drive around a roundabout nor know when they need to exit and how to exit.

More times than I can count, I’ve encountered drivers who are in the left-most lane, who wish to pass an exit to carry on to the next one (or worse, go right around and take the exit they actually entered the roundabout) and at the same time, some idiot in the right-most (inner) lane wishing to take the very exit that other said driver is not exiting on, while in the left lane.

Click image to read the mini-guide

Now, instead of me drilling down into the finer points of navigating a traffic circle/roundabout, I’ll rather lead you to Baldricman’s carefully crafted (and humourous) Traffic Circles for Dummies guide. And before anyone tries to criticise either one of us that these are merely our own perceptions of how one should drive and not the legal ways, think again as he has provided relevant links to these.

Now, where’s my high-blood pressure medication so that I can get my heart-rate down again?