VOTD: Zorba the Greek, Aborigine-style

Babis just posted this hilarious video on his blog featuring a group of young Aborigine men performing a self-choreographed dance routine to an up-tempo version of Zorba The Greek originally played by the legendary actor, Anthony Quinn.

I so thoroughly enjoyed the video that I wanted to know more and popped on the the YouTube page to learn the following:

The Chooky Dancers are a group of 10 energetic young men who had healthy living in mind when they choreographed the performance. Franks son Lionel is the lead dancer in the video footage at front and center. “They (the Chooky Dancers) begun working on this just after this years Garma Festival in Gukula and worked very hard on it, they also do a Bollywood style performance which is also fantastic” Frank said.

(update). Sadly Frank is no longer with us….

A documentary explaining the story behind the dance is available to purchase from TEABBA Media Services on (08)8939 0400. (Australia).
The song was chosen as a tribute to a Greek lady who cared for Frank’s disabled daughter. It was a way to say thankyou to her for all she had done. – source YouTube

And for those of you who have no idea who Anthony Quinn was, or what the original Zorba the Greek was all about, here’s a little snippet from the original movie: