VOTD: Man and Lion in harmony

Baldricman just linked to this video on Facebook and I was completely blown away at the interaction bettween Kevin Richardson and this pack of lions.

From the YouTube post:

Kevin Richardson 34, met his first lion 11 years ago and was hooked. Kevin shows Sky’s Emma Hurd his pride of lions who he has hand-reared at his vast reserve in South Africa. The big cats treat him like one of the pride. As the gate swung open the three lions pounced. Powerful young males, within seconds they had wrestled the human intruder – Kevin Richardson – to the ground.


This reminds me of this heart-warming video of Christian the lion from so many years ago.

Big Picture: Armageddon in Australia

It seems Armageddon has hit Australia today – well not exactly but if you look at the photos it does seem that way. Sydney seems to have taken the brunt of a severe sand storm across Australia. And as usual Boston.com‘s Big Picture has some great photographs of today’s event.

A huge outback dust storm – 500 km (310 mi) wide by 1,000 km (620 mi) long – swept across eastern Australia and blanketed Sydney on Wednesday, September 23rd, disrupting flights and ground transportation and forcing people indoors for shelter from the hazardous air, gale-force winds, and in some places hailstorms. Those few who ventured outside, especially at dawn, were greeted by a Martian sky, familiar landmarks blotted out by the heavy red dust blowing by. Collected here are a few photos of the worst dust storm Sydney has seen in 70 years, three of which you can click to see a before/after fade effect. (26 photos total)


The Sydney Harbour Bridge is seen on September 23, 2009. (Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)