Phishing Scam Site: MSN Block Checker (oh-oh-oh)

It seems a fresh new phishing/scam website has emerged. Apparently you put in your MSN/Hotmail/Live credentials in and it will tell you how many of your contacts have blocked you. It looks like this:


I’m very suspicious of these types of sites especially when I receive a link to it from an old Hotmail contact whom I’ve not had contact with in years. And although it might look legitimate due to the MSN logo and familiar MSN icons – a quick WHOIS check on the domain reveals something different:

 Registrant Name:         Oxana V Eskova
 Registrant Organization: Oxana V Eskova
 Registrant Street1:      ulica Kostromskaya d.6 kv.21
 Registrant City:         Voronezh
 Registrant State:        Voronezhskaya obl.
 Registrant Postal Code:  394014
 Registrant Country:      RU
 Updated Date: 13-sep-2009
 Creation Date: 13-sep-2009
 Expiration Date: 13-sep-2010

So, be warned, tell your friends not to use the site to put in their credentials because their account will almost certainly be compromised (as will their contact list).