Most expensive pizza order ever

We had friends over for pizza and poker last night which was a blast. Red wine, poker, pizza and good friends is always a good combination.

So after everyone arrived, we decided on what pizzas to order and after about 40 minutes drove around the corner to go and pick them up. I checked the order and paid for them. They were great pizzas, the wine was very good, and so was the company.

Only the next morning however, did I happen to glance down at the table where the till-slip was still lying and thought something looked odd. Normally, in South Africa, till slip amounts are prefixed with the R (Rand) symbol to denote the currency.

Now I know that times are tough in our current economic climate and business need to make a profit but charging customers in South Africa in dollars is maybe a little excessive?


Luckily it was only a regional setting issue on the till and not that I was being charged R3010 ($388) for 6 pizzas!


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