Most expensive pizza order ever

We had friends over for pizza and poker last night which was a blast. Red wine, poker, pizza and good friends is always a good combination.

So after everyone arrived, we decided on what pizzas to order and after about 40 minutes drove around the corner to go and pick them up. I checked the order and paid for them. They were great pizzas, the wine was very good, and so was the company.

Only the next morning however, did I happen to glance down at the table where the till-slip was still lying and thought something looked odd. Normally, in South Africa, till slip amounts are prefixed with the R (Rand) symbol to denote the currency.

Now I know that times are tough in our current economic climate and business need to make a profit but charging customers in South Africa in dollars is maybe a little excessive?


Luckily it was only a regional setting issue on the till and not that I was being charged R3010 ($388) for 6 pizzas!

RIP Snowy

Woke up this morning to prepare Melissa for Sunday school classes and as I looked out the back-door window I noticed one of our two rabbits lying on the grass. But something looked out of place, she was lying on her side as opposed to on her stomach or curled up. And they never slept out in the open in winter, only in their hutch.

I went outside to pick her up but only felt a lifeless, yet still somewhat warm, body of Snowey. She didn’t appear to have any broken limbs or any lacerations. There wasn’t any blood anywhere which, to my untrained eye, lead me to believe she probably died of natural causes or a heart-attack maybe, although she was only a little over 3 years old (we got them just before Rebecca was born, so that Melissa wouldn’t feel too left out since mommy was about to have a baby). Snowy had a set of 7 babies about 6 month after we got them and we had the male, Spikey, fixed shortly thereafter. Both rabbits have been healthy up until now and there’s been no change in their diet or health.

So upon Melissa’s request this morning we had an impromptu burial, hand-made cross and all for Snowy. RIP.