Money Wasted – Part Deux

Actually the part two just means it’s my second rant about money being wasted there are actually many of these types of stories this one just made my blood boil.

So previously a heated discussion started around last time of money being wasted when millions of tax payer’s money was spent to upgrade the Independant Electoral Commission’s website to make it all browser/platform compliant, yet it looked like crap and shouldn’t have cost so much in the first place.

Today I saw an article about our Communications Minister spending over R2.1 million rand on not one, but two cars. So what you might say. Well it’s not this part that got my blood boiling:

His reply also reveals the cars are fitted with R148,400 worth of extras, including, in the Pretoria-based vehicle, a R23 400 “rear-seat entertainment” system and a R5 600 “high-gloss satin chrome” paint job.

These include a R35 800 “innovation’s package inclusive of… rear view camera, ceramic surround for controls, ambient interior lighting, adaptive headlights, high beam assist, lane departure warning [and] lane change warning”. – source MyBroadband

After all someone involved in technology (sic) should have some of the latest gadgets and toys at their disposal, otherwise they might lose touch with the latest trending gadgets and technology.

Actually, this next part got my blood boiling:

Nyanda said the existing official vehicles available for him had either done more than 120 000km, or were more than five years old, and in terms of the Cabinet-approved Ministerial Handbook he was entitled to new ones.

“The vehicle for use in Cape Town was nine years old, and had reached 115 072km. The vehicle for use in Pretoria was four years old, and had reached 137 194km,” he said. – source MyBroadband

Firstly, whichever cabinet wrote that ministerial handbook, and then keeps aproving it, should be hung, drawn and quartered! Secondly, just because a vehicle is over 4 years old or has over 100,000 km on the clock doesn’t mean it needs replacing. If you’re a monkey and you’re driving like one it might be understandable, just maybe.

My car, a trusty 1.3 litre Toyota Tazz (yeah the Japanese actually do build very reliable and efficient vehicles) is almost 10 years old and just the other day ticked over the 200,000 km mark. And I’ve personally put over 160,000 of those kilometers on the clock. It’s still runs like a dream and it’s still in a very good condition. Why? Because I look after it. And before you start, no, I don’t drive like a granny. In fact, a friend was driving with us the other day and wouldn’t believe me that it was only a 1.3 litre as it was performing like a 1.4 or 1.6. No, I don’t need to replace the tyres or the brakes or the clutch every 5,000 km, I drive properly.

But I digress.

The other thing that ticks me off, especially so in our current economic climate is the fact that SO much was spent on not one, but TWO vehicles. Oh he’s a minister, he travels so he needs vehicles in both major cities. All this while the people that vote for these people barely live adequately or on the streets with hardly enough money to put food on the table or a roof (or a sheet of carboard) over their head. Not to mention the number of people losing their jobs.

This crap has got to stop!

Finally some better weather!

The last few weeks we’ve been having some bitterly cold weather in Cape Town. With loads of heavy rains whic Baldricman and Seth shared with us here, here and here. It’s been crazy.

And this morning is no different temperature wise,  but it’s clear skies outside and just look at this outlook for the next few days (remember, it’s the middle of winter here in Cape Town).


How awesome is that? Four days of sunshine and low twenties. Yes, that big four at the top means it’s 4 degrees (that’s 41F) here right now as I type this.

Okay, off to work for a training session this morning at 9am. Have a great weekend!