Optical illusions: 3D sidwealk chalk drawings

I’ve shared with you some great three-dimensional artwork by Tracy Lee Stum and John Pugh. If you enjoyed those check out a great gallery on the Mighty Optical Illusions website for some more great chalk artwork – amazing how a little perspective in a drawing makes it almost come alive. [via Mighty Optical Illusions]



This last picture I’ve added to this post was done by an artist by the name of Kurt Wenner. Check out his gallery on his portfolio site to see some more great works by him.


VOTD: Church Wars

On the small Greek island of Chios there’s a strange tradition that happens each year over Easter.

Two rival churches have a go at each other, with fireworks. The aim is to hit the opposing Church’s bell tower with their fireworks.

On Easter Sunday evening, as mass is said in both churches, the rival parish “gangs” set to work, lighting fireworks and aiming them haphazardly at each other’s church bells.

Amid the melee, priests in both churches attempt to continue with mass, although the deafening sounds of fireworks and cheers as the rockets hit their targets often drown out the proceedings entirely.

Residents also admit it is not the most safety conscious of ceremonies, with several fires in recent years sparked by rockets and even a few deaths. – source BBC News

These Greeks and their crazy traditions. HOPA! [via DamnCoolPics]

Layars: Augmented Reality Browser

No, not a spelling mistake – Layars is going to change the way you browse, with your mobile phone.

Forget the new iPhone 3G S with it’s amazing (cough) copy/paste, video recording and MMS sending capabilities. Layars are the future.

It’s a new type of browser that uses your mobile phone’s camera, GPS and built-in compass to add more detailed mapping and information about the area you’re seeing through your mobile phone’s camera.

What is Layar?
The World’s First Augmented Reality Browser. Layar is a free application on your mobile phone which shows what is around you by displaying real time digital information on top of reality though the camera of your mobile phone.

What are layars?
Layars are the equivalent of web pages in normal browsers. Just like there are thousands of websites there will be thousands of layars in our application. A layar is the digital view that is added to the camera view. This is the first time that so many brands use one application to provide an augmented reality service on the mobile phone.

They’ll be releasing their product in the Netherlands first and only on the Android platform on the G1 and HTC Magic. They say they will be targetting the iPhone 3G S next and what ever other mobile phones come to market with the required capabilities.

Still interested, want to know more, then check out the video demo below and go take a look at their website, blog or follow them on Twitter.

[via Cherryflava]

Product of the day: Comfort Wipe


So, this is what the Comfort Wipe looks like - it extends your arm a full 18 inches!

Now I’ve seen a number of very strange infomercials in my time but this has got to be one of the strangest ones.

In short it’s a product for people to wipe themselves with after doing their business without touching themselves with their hands (or like normal people do, with the toilet paper, yes I know many countries use bidets).

Take a look at the video below.

Where do they get actors who can deliver those lines with such straight faces? They should definitely have something like the Oscar’s for best infomercial actor.

Now here’s the kicker. I’m always skeptical about commercials like these so I sniffed around (cough) and came up with a post on Cracked where this guy was also a bit dubious about the product’s authenticity and called the number. Imagine his amazement when he got connected to a real person on the other side for that very product.

You have got to read the whole transcript – I was in tears (stifiling my laughter so as not to wake the kids!). [via 2oceansvibe]

Update 20 June 2009 – it appears the product didn’t make it as the commercial was just a test run to gauge consumer interest [via NYMag]

Playing catch up

I know, I know, the posts this month have been far and few between. I’ve had a lot on my mind since last month and my blog has taken a little bit of a back seat.

As you by now know, May brought some news that rocked the boat. I’ve now spent two weeks at the new company and it’s been a good and productive two weeks. It’s the usual work your butt off at the new company to prove yourself time for me, hopefully for the last time. It’s not the end though, I’ve got 3 months worth of work ahead of me and hopefully things will go well.

This weekend started off with a bang around 4pm on Friday. The bang being the sound of automatic gunfire and grenades going off. No, South Africa hasn’t turned into a war-zone but the network at the company did. We had a round of playing network computer games against each other, with even some of management getting involved in the action. It was a lot of fun and was a nice ice-breaker getting into a new company but by 10:30 that evening I’d had enough and packed up to head home.

A friend of ours was down for business this week and she stayed with us from Thursday evening. A little after I got home she arrived after visiting friends and asked whether or not I was keen on going to the rugby game on Saturday (British & Irish Lions vs Western Province) as she had organised two tickets from her brother. Now, I’m no sports fanatic but as of late I’ve been getting more and more into watching and enjoying a few rugby matches so I said, yeah I was keen.


British & Irish Lions vs South African Western Province team on Saturday 13th June 2009

It was my first trip to the rugby stadium in the area I grew up (sad, I know) and it started off with us walking (briskly) in the rain and sitting in the rain for the first few minutes of the match (hence the blurry quality of the photo, as well as having taken it with my mobile phone). There was a lot of kicking going on in the game and I almost wondered if we were watching a soccer match and not a rugby one. Eventually the game picked up pace and with 3 minutes left of the second half Western Province scored their only try of the match bringing the score to an even 23 all. The Lions finished us off with getting their last penalty of the match through the uprights winning 26-23. I’m actually keen now to go and watch some more games – so watch this space.

Today we had family over for Melissa’s up-coming 7th birthday on Wednesday with home-made waffles and sweets. All in all a quiet and chilled weekend which is very welcome. Let’s see what the rest of the week brings. I’ll do my best to try and get a few more posts up soon.

VOTD: Post-it note stop-motion animation

Here’s a pretty cool looking stop-motion animation clip done with a guy at his desk with a deadline to meet. This whole process took 3 months of planning, 4 days of shooting and over 6000 post-it notes. Enjoy. [via zefrank]

This is my senior project at Savannah College of Art and Design. Where my idea comes from is that every time when I am busy, I feel that I am not fighting with my works, I am fighting with those post-it notes and deadline. I manipulating the post-it notes to do pixel-like stop motion and there are some interactions between real actor and post-its.

Here is the making of video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArJYvaCCB3cDirected by Bang-yao Liu
Music by Röyksopp (http://royksopp.com)
Sound design by Shaun Burdick

D7 Fresh A'capella

I’ve just heard of a local, Cape Town based group called D7. They’re seven young guys that perform a mix of a’capella and beatboxing. I wish I had heard about them sooner as I would have loved to attend one of their live gigs. I’ve just listened to a few of their sample tracks on their website and I’m seriously impressed.

Think beatbox, think up beat, think fresh harmonies delivered to you by seven of Cape Town’s sexiest musicians and you have D7, the a’capella group that is harmonising their way on to stages everywhere. They will have your feet tapping, your lips moving and your hips grooving to the familiar sounds of Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, The Chiffons and The Temptations. Their take on contemporary tunes from Coldplay and Goldfish is fresh and exciting and definitely worth the standing ovations they have been receiving from audiences all over Cape Town.

South Africa has recently started auditioning for people to attend the new show South Africa’s Got Talent. Listening to these guys and seeing them perform I have no doubt that South Africa really *does* have talent. Well done guys, keep it up.

I’m really impressed by a’capalla music and beatboxing and this great combination of both makes for really enjoyable listening. And for the ladies, well, just take a look at their bio pics for yourself, you decide.

You can also follow them on Twitter.

Below is a short mashup clip of some of their performances showing off their talent. Oh, if you didn’t know, you can hire them for your own private party too.