Nando's 'Julius' up for auction

nandos_julius_puppetNando’s have done it again! First they brought you a great advertisement before the elections using their puppet called ‘Julius’. Then, Julius Malema and the ANCYL got angry and “forced” Nando’s to withdraw their advert, or else. Nando’s responded.

Now in a bid to prevent ‘Julius’ from gathering dust just sitting in a corner, they’ve put him up for auction, to the highest bidder (proably around R5) and the proceeds will go to the Self-Help Development Organisation, which helps young men to finish school and study mechanics, woodworking and electrical engineering.

You can find out more on the Dispatch Now blog here. [via the_dre]

Update: 6 May 2009
It appears that more than 100 bids have been received so far for the puppet, the highest being for R85 000.

The R85 000 bid was not too bad, considering that Nando’s had said it believed it would receive “at least R5 for him”.

Chauke said it had cost about R30 000 to create the hand-crafted radio-controlled ventriloquist dummy, the star of a recent television advertisement.

He said Nando’s had not heard from the ANC Youth League president since it announced that his puppet would be auctioned for a charity group that funds, among other things, courses in woodwork, the subject Malema notoriously scored a GG for in matric, according to reports. – source News24

You can read the full article on News24.


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