Look out Twitter, here comes Flutter!

Twitter has become synonymous with micro-blogging and it’s gaining users quickly. But with the Internet moving so fast these days it can be come difficult to keep up with hundreds (if not thousands) of people’s Tweets of 140 charcters. Flutter posts or flaps as they like to call them are only 26 characters long. iPhone users will love it because there’s an auto-posting application for the iPhone too!

Welcome to the new technolgy called nano-blogging: Flutter

Now you can tweet, erm, flap even faster!

Check out the video below for more cool info. [via 2oceansvibe.com]

Wall-E Computer Case Mod

I’ve seen some interesting case mods in the past – but this one takes it. Inspired by the Wall-E animation this Russian guy not only re-creates the Wall-E character in the smallest of detail but repurposes it contain all the parts for a fully functional computer case. The picture below is the end result – click here to view the construction process step-by-step. [via DCP]


And if your Russian is better than mine – you can read about each step here.