Eight levels of programmers – which one are you?

There’s an interesting article on Coding Horror that was posted yesterday. It describes the eight levels of programmers. Not all programmers are the same, not in their personalities, not in their coding styles or in their passion (or lack thereof) for their work.

The eight levels are as follows:

8. Dead Programmer

7. Successful Programmer

6. Famous Programmer

5. Working Programmer

4. Average Programmer

3. Amateur Programmer

2. Unknown Programmer

1. Bad Programmer

I’d like to think I’m at the Working Programmer stage – aspiring towards Famous and Successful Programmer.

Click here to read more about each level in more detail.

Big Picture: Protests at the G20 summit

Some striking phtos from Boston.com’s The Big Picture of the protesting that happened earlier this week in London’s business district. There are always reason’s people protest but the violence that ensue’s is most likely always caused by the unruly ones who insist on chaos and then peer-pressure results in the rest following suit. Click here to view them all.

Thousands of protesters gathered in London, England on April 1st and 2nd to demonstrate against an array of issues, largely anti-capitalist or pro-environmental in nature. A large underlying theme was anger with the effects of the economic downturn and a call for accountability and responsibility. While the majority of protesters were peaceful, a number of them took to smashing windows and throwing debris at police lines. London police responded with baton charges and arrests. Similar protests are now taking place in Strasbourg, France, which hosts a NATO summit today. (36 photos total)


A demonstrator speaks with police during a protest in the City of London on April 1, 2009. (Oli Scarff/Getty Images)