The power of StumbleUpon

In comparison to most bloggers, I’m relatively new to the scene, having only had my blog online for the last 6 months. And one thing I’ve learnt is that driving traffic to your blog, if you’re not some celebrity or, world-renowned uber geek, is very difficult. I try to post things I find interesting but not only to me, but which I think others will find interesting too. 

So yesterday a friend sent me a copy of the alleged, leaked, “Vista Source Code” which I thoroughly enjoyed and promptly posted. It received a few hits during the day, but at some point between yesterday and this morning, someone linked to my post on StumbleUpon

The day’s not over yet, and the post alone, has generated over 1600 hits today. So, what, ask the bloggers who get thousands of hits on their blogs daily. Well, to me, it’s quite an achievement and to put it in perspective, my blog averages about 1500 hits a month!

Vista Source Code

I’ve managed to get my hands on the much asked for, source code to Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system. Here it is below, now it’s open source 😉 [via BG]


VOTD: Stop motion animation

Really cool stop-motion video called Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie. I can just imagine the time it took not only to film but to choreograph. [via Ze Frank]

London from above (part 2) – Jason Hawkes

Last year back in October, I shared some photos, courtesy of’s The Big Picture featuring Jason Hawkes series of night-time photos of the city of London from above. Today, they’ve released another amazing set of photographs. Take a look for yourself.


The O2, formally Millennium Dome, now an entertainment complex in Greenwich, London. (© Jason Hawkes)


Another day, another grey hair

party_hatAnother day has passed, and so, another grey hair appears. I guess I’m starting to get that “distinguised” look 🙂

As January comes to a close, I celebrate another year on planet earth. The last 34 have been, needless to say, interesting years. As I said earlier this year, 2009 is going to be a good one. But as with all good things, they don’t come without hard work and sacrifice – well unless you’re lucky enough to win a lottery or two.

To anyone else celebrating today (including my friend Erica out in N. Korea), I raise my glass to you – cheers!

Wireless Electricity

You’ve used a wireless device at some or other point, after all almost everyone has a mobile, right? Bluetooth is a wireless technology for transferring data from one device to another – I use it to transfer photos taken with my mobile to my laptop and vice-versa. My laptop has a wi-fi device so that I can surf the Internet, wirelessly.

But what about powering and charging devices, wirelessly? Sounds like science-fiction, right? Not at all, if you were at CES-2009 expo.

At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, Powermat debuted its technology in a whole new way. Powermat “brings safe, simple, and efficient wireless electricity to surfaces including walls, tables, floors, and desktops. It is designed to replace the need to access multiple electrical sockets,” says the Web site. In other words, you can use this technology to power your electronics in real time, with no cords, no outlets, and no batteries. – source CNET.

Don’t believe me – can’t figure it out? Watch this video and be amazed like I was – I want one of these! For more info about these products go and check out Powermat’s website.

First day of big school!

Melissa attended her first day of “big school” (grade 1) yesterday and here’s a pic in her uniform with her brand-spanking-new suitcase to boot:


"I'm a big, big girl, in a big, big world...."