VOTD: Elephant Art

I’ve seen some static pictures of elephant paintings recently but thought they were probably photoshopped – until I came across this video of Elephants actually painting – quite amazing – they say an elephant never forgets – here’s proof that once taught, they remember – enjoy!

Textorize any image

What? I hear you asking – okay let me explain – here’s a free little website that allows you to point it to an image on the web, give it a few words to use as paint-brush strokes and voila – it uses the words you gave it as brush strokes to draw the image you gave it – pretty accurately too, and using the closest possible colours. I took my blog mughshot and textorized it with Demitri, Baroutsos and Deems. Go on, try it for yourself – it’s fun! [via Chris Pirillo]

PS: you can’t right click and save the image, because it’s not actually an image but a scaleable vector graphc created with rotated and coloured text – right-click and select view-source to see what was generated. 


Deems, textorized