HowTo: Generate a Mandelbrot with ASCII Art using TSQL

Actual Mandelbrot image generated  



Actual Mandelbrot image generated

Okay, I’m a programmer so by nature I enjoy these kinds of things but I just couldn’t resist sharing with you. 

Just for comparison purposes the image on the right is a computer generated image of a Mandelbrot that I’ve converted to grayscale for comparison. 

The Mandelbrot Set image below was generated using less than 50 lines of TSQL code using ASCII characters – I just used a really small font-size in Notepad and then after capturing it inverted the colours for better effect as an image. [via The Daily WTF]


ASCII characters used to create a Mandelbrot

ASCII characters used to create a Mandelbrot

Minority Report UI actually a reality


From TechCrunch:

The gesture-based g-speak “spatial operating interface” (SOE) software platform has been in development at MIT’s Media Laboratory since the early 1990s and its intended use isn’t as nerdy as we’d expect. It’s meant to facilitate answers to real-world issues.

Take a look at the video clip for yourself to see it in action – quite something indeed. [via CrunchGear]

LIFE photography archive available through Google

Google now hosts over 10 million historic Time-Life photos from as far back as the 1750’s to present day. A nifty trick to use Google Image search to only search for those photos is to add source:life in your search query. [via Lifehacker]


Anti-Smoking Campaigns

If you haven’t figured it out yet, smoking kills – and to bring the point across there’s a collection of anti-smoking adverts from around the world on Funtasticus. Click on the image below to follow the link to the post with more adverts.