Game: Fantastic Contraption

Here’s a fun little flash game that will either frustrate the crap out of you or keep you busy for hours – have fun! The idea behind the game is to get a object from one location (light blue area) to the target location (red area) with the aid of various bits and pieces that roll or pull – you can even join things up to move the object around. 

Click on the image below (on of my own contraptions) to get to the game online. Source How-To Geek

Hardcore Computer – custom liquid immersed computers

I’m sure you’ve seen modded computer cases before – all the hardcore gamers have them, tricked up with silent cooling mechanisms, flashing lights and digital displays constantly giving temperature and fan readings. But you may not have seen modded computer cases that are immersed in liquid for ultra-cooling. 

Puget Systems showed us how they built a fish-tank PC – now Hardcore Computers takes it to the next level with a stylish design and the most powerful desktop components out there. Take a look for yourself.

[UPDATE: 26 October 2008]
I found a review with some great photos on Maximum PC.

Did you know: Vin Diesel is an avid D&D player and fan?

I just came across this interview today where Vin Diesel is interviewed by Sean Adler of UGO regarding The Chronicles of Riddick.

How on earth did I put Vin Diesel and D&D together? Well John Hodgman (plays the “PC” role in the “Mac vs PC” adverts) talked about it on his blog and I thought, WTF?

Then I found this video on YouTube – can you imagine what it must be like playing against him, no matter what level his character is at?

SQL Server 2008 Management Studio – Saving changes is not permitted error.

We’ve recently upgraded our development laptops with SQL 2008 from SQL 2005. Today I was trying to create a new database for a client within the management studio and every time I decided, for example, to change a column that was defined nullable to not nullable and tried saving my design, which in turn would save the table changes, it gave me the following error:

Now, I understand the need for potentially re-creating the table if for example you had an existing table where a column was nullable and it contained data then you wanted to make it not nullable (without a default value) it would correctly so moan. But you would think that the Microsoft devs would build a system intuitive enough to know that where there isn’t any data in the table yet, because you’re designing the schema, it could automatically drop and re-create the table and any associated relationships.

Needless to say, to prevent this from happening to you – go into the Tools -> Options and click on the Designers item in the tree menu on the left and make sure “Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation” is not ticked as below:

Hope that helps someone else too!

Come on summer, come on!

If the weather we had this weekend was any indication of what our summer is going to be like, it’s going to be hot!

We had our company braai this Saturday out in Tokai and it was a very enjoyable event. Everyone brought their partners/spouses along and those that had kids brought them too. We had a great braai, with some very, very tasty lamb-chops and boerewors. The kids thoroughly enjoyed swimming in the pool (very refreshing after standing in-front of a hot fire in the sun), while some of the others played cricket and threw frisbees around.

Sunday we had my brother and his wife together with our parents over for lunch to celebrate my dad’s 63rd birthday this past week. The weather looked a bit daunting in the morning but it cleared up nicely in the afternoon. While the kids played outside on their new jungle gym we played some friendly Texas Hold’em. Why is it when you bring a new player into the game, they inevitably end up cleaning everyone out? 🙂

All in all, a great weekend, nice and relaxing – now back to the grindstone for the week ahead!

Do you go iPhone or do you go G1 Android?

Google’s phone the G1 running it’s Android OS has been released recently and it’s hailed to be the iPhone successor/killer – but upon further investigation and actual use of the phone it would appear you might be better off holding of for a G2 or the G1 v2.0 instead.

To find out why, read Erick Schonfeld’s post on TechCrunch where he explains his experience with the G1 in comparison to the iPhone and you’ll quickly see that, even though the G1 has some nice features and those missing on the iPhone, there are still things that need a little work before it really does become the competitor or successor of the iPhone.

The new threat, "clickjacking"

The latest Internet threat cloaks Web links so a wayward click can download malware to your PC without your knowledge.

What’s worse, all browsers and other Web software are susceptible to clickjacking, but you can take steps to reduce the risk.

For instance, one proof-of-concept demonstration shows that a hacker can use the Flash player to take over a PC’s webcam and microphone. Imagine the implications of stalkers eavesdropping on your laptop’s built-in camera and mic.– Windows Secrets

It seems hackers will always be one step ahead in their never-ending quest to scam people, steal identities, etc. Take a look at this post on the Windows Secrets blog to learn more about who/what is vulnerable, what can be done about it and how to protect yourself.