The mother of all demos!

Douglas C. Engelbart holding some of the computer mice he and his team developed.

Douglas C. Engelbart holding some of the mice he and his team developed.

Today we take a lot of things for granted – take for instance your everyday mouse used with desktop and laptop computers. Or being able to copy and paste selected text, or moving text from one place to another. You don’t really give it much thought because, for most of us, it’s always been there and we’ve come acustomed to using it. Did you know all of the above was demonstrated (and pinoneered) by Douglas C. Engelbart back in 1968?

If you have a few minutes go and take a look at the following video – part 1 of 9 – you might not be able to read all of the text in the beginning but the rest is quite astounding considering when it was actually done.

If you’d like to see the other parts you can see them all on YouTube.

Happy Halloween!

To those that celebrate in the festivities of Halloween – have a good one! Not too big an event in South Africa but some people do participate by dressing up and trick-or-treating in their neighbourhood or going to a dress-up party. As for me, I’ll be catching up on some much needed rest after this week of work, lazily waking up on All Saints day.