Lice Shampoo – a severe warning to parents!

I was completely shocked when I just read this report in the local paper while having my lunch today:

Lachlan suddenly started coming out in bruises all over his body. 

Blood tests revealed that all his blood counts were low – platelets, haemoglobin and white cells – Lachlan’s bone marrow was in the process of shutting down, and a transplant was his only hope. 

“The products in South Africa contain no warnings on the packaging, and in fact recommend repeated treatment if the head lice are not completely cleared.

“Most parents are not aware that Gambex is actually a pesticide.”

Lice shampoos containing the chemical gamma benzene hexachloride on sale in South Africa are Gambex® and Quellada®; in most other countries it goes by the brand Lindane® or Kwell®.
– source IOL

A serious warning to anyone with children who are prone to contracting or may be in contact with other children at creche/school that may be infected with lice. We’ve used these products in the past and will definitely NOT be using them (or any other lice-shampoo product) in future. Washing the kids hair with vinegar and then combing out the lice and eggs with a fine-tooth comb will work just as effectively and will be completely harmless to the children.