SA to get very own EV (Joule) in 2010

With the mounting costs of daily life, such as inflation, petrol, etc. it’s nice to know there is some light at the end of the tunnel – battery powered light!

South Africans, near the end of 2010, should be able to get their hands on their own Electric Vehicle (EV), aptly named, Joule.

A few key facts are as follows:

  • Aprox. price range R200-250k
  • 6 seater MPV
  • Top speed of about 130km/h
  • Maximum range of about 200km (double distance with extra battery pack)
  • Charging time of around 7 hours (220V AC)
  • Normal safety features expected in MPVs
  • Available in front-wheel or four-wheel drive option
  • Zero emmisions
You can find out more by reading this article on Urban Sprout and here’s an article on myBroadband also.
Update: 3 April 2009 confirms the pilot vehicles will be available in 2010 with mass-production starting in 2012.