Don LaFontaine "The Voiceover Master" dies at 68

Don LaFontain voiceover master

The entertainment industry and LaFontaine family lost a legend yesterday. Movie trailer and commercial voiceover master, Don LaFontaine died yesterday at the age of 68.


He died from complications from pneumothorax, a collapsed lung that causes air to build in the pleural cavity, his agent, Vanessa Gilbert, told Entertainment Tonight. –  You can read more about this on CNN.

I’ve always been a fan of his work and think that if it wasn’t for his talents box-office numbers and movie sales would never be near what they are today!

“My philosophy is that you have to really believe what you’re reading, even if you think the film’s a piece of junk,” he told Swindle magazine. “Even the worst picture is someone’s favorite film, and that someone is the fan I am always talking to.”

Google enters browser-wars

Google will be launching their version of the web browser, called Chrome tomorrow. They’ve apparently created a browser that is robust, light-weight and caters for Web 2.0 better than other browsers currently do. With the amount of Google gadgets and applications available to replace desktop applications it could mean we would one day be solely using Google’s applications. Like Microsoft, except without the hefty cost to the end-user!

Buzzword: Discomgoogolation

If there weren’t enough already it seems we have a new one. Used to describe someone who suffers from the anxiety of not being able to connect to the Internet. The term comes from discombobulate, which means to confuse or frustrate, and Google. Fore more info just do a quick Google search for news articles and the like.

It seems to affect mostly Britons and Americans – luckily South African’s don’t suffer from ths really since our connectivity is so bad, being disconnected most of the time is just a way of life 🙂