POTD: Stair-master

And today’s picture – how about climbing some stairs anyone?

Climb some stairs, easy, eh?

Climb some stairs, easy, eh?

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YouTube videos to your desktop

As a follow-up to my previous article Web tools for video/audio extraction I thought I’d let you know of another little free application that you can use to download those videos from YouTube you’d like to keep for later viewing or sharing amongst your friends.

Take a look on LifeHacker’s website at the YouTube File Hack article for more information and download links (it even integrates into Internet Explorer so that you can right click on a video to select it for download). There are also four other ways mentioned to download videos from YouTube, take your pick, try them out and let me know which you found best and why.

Tech. Support WTF?

I’m sure like me you’ve seen, heard, read or even experienced yourself, a fair share of the strangest/funniest of tech. support calls. Often you roll around with laughter, shake your head dumbfounded or even cry!

Here’s one that is sure to make you laugh hysterically – found it today on The Daily WTF’s website.

Feel sorry for the poor guy who can’t understand why so much of his bandwidth is being used without him doing much, or perhaps wondering why he reached his cap, after downloading only 2 emails and 1 video off of YouTube 🙂

Windows Optimzation Myths

For as long as I can remember there have been websites, emails and books on various ways to optimize your version of Windows, be it through configuration changes, registry hacks or shutting down various services.

But many times over various “optimization techniques” get re-used and re-published seemingly to improve the performance of your machine yet many actually have no impact at all, a negative impact on performance or where done by users not entirely sure what they’re doing, causing total system crashes.

On How-To-Geek there’s a great article summarising and revealing some of these so called performance enhancers as myths. There’s a link in the article above to a few articles on LifeHacker with further information about this issue.

Ask around if you’re not sure before you attempt to “enhance” your machine’s performance to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.